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Definitely. Landscape Toronto has diverse clients from homeowners to condo owners, large homeowners. Our team plans their designs and offers them with the workable budgets, drawings, resources, and ideas for a final built project.

Yes certainly. Homes that are in the planning and permit stages need certified grading plans. If the grading plans do not match the Landscape Design that you want to begin building at the same time as the house construction, it is possible that you may have to resubmit a new certified grading plan with the landscape design you are planning. Reduce your cost and hassle by submitting a grading plan that takes the planned landscaping into consideration.

Planning a design project in advance saves money by preventing mistakes. Our expert team helps you choose the best materials and build processes that are most effective in the long term and reduce the maintenance costs.We help our clients develop a budget at the design stage with various options that keep control of the costs during the planning stage.

In Toronto city, unless you are planning on building a patio that is more than 3” above the existing grade, no permit is required.

Toronto weathers is all about hot summers and cold chill winters. Those plants will be suitable that can handle hot summers and cold winters. The hardiness zone is 6b that implies plants can withstand temperatures fluctuating between -17 and -20 degree Celsius in the winter. Planting material should be the one that can tolerate wet soil.

This is linked with the lot size that you have in Downtown, Toronto. Lots vary in size, they can be narrow (16’ across), which implies a patio roughly 12’* 10’ while the big ones can be anywhere from 12’*16’ or even 14’*16’.

Toronto laws state that the construction noise is allowed between 7 a.m and 7p.m from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m to 7 p.m on Saturday. It is not allowed on Sundays and/or statutory holidays.
If the work which is being done does not produce any noise, the hours of operation can extend later into evenings.

Access and traffic are the two major issues our landscapers face while working. This restricted access is not just limited to the house or the particular site we work on. The narrow and small one way streets and avenues are a major problem for the material delivery and storage.
Traffic conditions are worse downtown than anywhere else so arranging a particular time for the things to be done perfectly is difficult as it relies on the volume of cars on the road.

For all your landscaping needs, experience Landscape Toronto. We deliver outstanding services.

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